The Top 9 Best Led Zeppelin Guitar Riffs

The Top 9 Best Led Zeppelin Guitar Riffs

Jimmy Page turned 80 years old in January of 2024. To celebrate we countdown the Top 9 Best Led Zeppelin Guitar Riffs.


9. “Ramble On”: Combining acoustic and electric elements, “Ramble On” features a memorable and melodic acoustic riff that complements the song’s lyrical themes. The transition to the electric section adds depth.


8. “Dazed and Confused”: The live versions of this song feature extended guitar improvisations, showcasing Page’s mastery of the instrument. The bowing technique he uses on the guitar during live performances is particularly distinctive.


7. “Kashmir”: The main riff in “Kashmir” is hypnotic and exotic, thanks to its use of unconventional time signatures and orchestral arrangements. It creates a grand and cinematic atmosphere.


6. “Communication Breakdown”: This riff is fast-paced and energetic, representing Led Zeppelin’s early, more straightforward rock sound. It’s a prime example of their blues-influenced, high-energy style.


5. “Heartbreaker”: Known for its blazing guitar solo, “Heartbreaker” features a catchy and memorable main riff. The solo, particularly the fast-paced section, is often highlighted as one of the best in rock history.


4. “Immigrant Song”: The opening riff is fierce and aggressive, perfectly complementing the song’s Viking-inspired lyrics. The use of a descending melody adds to its intensity.


3. “Stairway to Heaven”: This legendary track features a beautiful arpeggiated acoustic guitar intro that gradually builds into an electric guitar masterpiece. The solo towards the end is particularly iconic.


2. “Whole Lotta Love”: The opening riff is instantly recognizable and has a powerful, distorted sound. Jimmy Page’s use of the theremin adds a unique touch to the overall atmosphere.


1. “Black Dog”: The main riff in this song is complex and energetic, showcasing Jimmy Page’s intricate guitar work. Its dynamic shifts and intricate phrasing make it a standout.