Top 9 Classic Rock Bassists

Top 9 Classic Rock Bassists

January 3rd is Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones’ birthday. In celebration we countdown the Top 9 Best Classic Rock Bassists of All Time.


1. **John Entwistle (The Who):** Known for his intricate and melodic bass lines, Entwistle’s playing was often ahead of its time, contributing significantly to The Who’s sound.


2. **Paul McCartney (The Beatles):** As the bassist for The Beatles, McCartney’s innovative bass work, particularly in later albums, showcased his melodic and rhythmic skills.


3. **John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin):** Beyond his role as a bassist, Jones was a multi-instrumentalist, contributing to Led Zeppelin’s diverse sound. His bass lines provided a solid foundation for the band’s heavy rock style.


4. **Geddy Lee (Rush):** Lee’s virtuosic bass playing is a defining element of Rush’s progressive rock sound. His use of synthesizers and complex compositions set him apart.


5. **Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath):** As a founding member of Black Sabbath, Butler’s heavy, doom-laden bass lines played a crucial role in shaping the sound of heavy metal.


6. **Jack Bruce (Cream):** Bruce’s bass playing in Cream was both powerful and melodic, contributing to the band’s blues-rock fusion and making him a highly influential figure.


7. **John Deacon (Queen):** Deacon’s bass lines in Queen were diverse and dynamic, supporting the band’s eclectic range of styles from rock anthems to ballads.


8. **Chris Squire (Yes):** Squire’s bass work in Yes was characterized by his use of complex patterns and harmonies, adding a progressive and symphonic dimension to the band’s sound.


9. **Roger Waters (Pink Floyd):** While primarily known as a songwriter and vocalist, Waters’ bass lines in Pink Floyd were integral to the band’s atmospheric and concept-driven music.


Did we miss anyone?