Brett is a native of New York. He had a heavy NY accent but now you would never know that. Ask him to do Rocky Balboa for you. For the past 4 decades, Brett has been a radio industry staple, voice-over artist, and entertainer. He has hosted radio shows from New York to California and has had the honor of being heard on The Hawk for the past 24 years. He is the recipient of 24 Utah Broadcasting Awards and has had the great privilege of interviewing some of rock’s greatest artists including Steve Perry, Ted Nugent, Brett Michaels, Peter Frampton, Tommy Shaw, Lou Graham, David Lee Roth, Kip Winger, Kenny Loggins and many others. You may have heard Brett’s voice on countless voice-over projects including Del Taco, WWE, UFC, Disney, Warner Brothers, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Pac 12 Network, National Concert Tours, and NASCAR. One thing you probably didn’t know about Brett is his Mom is 100% Sicilian and his Dad 100% German. Wow! What a combination! If you ever saw the movie, Moonstruck with Cher and Nicholas Cage, that is his family. Always misses home, real Italian home cooking and cannolis but is grateful to call the HAWK his home.