Figure out The Hawk’s weekly Mystery Money Song and you could win up to $500 dollars in cash!

Each Monday, starting April 11th we’ll play the Mystery Money Song between 9am and Noon. In fact, we’ll play it at some time every single day! Peter & Cash will even tell you each morning when to listen for it on that given day.

To win the Mystery Song money, The Hawk will give a designated caller a chance to guess the Mystery Song title at least three times each day. Every day without a winning guess adds $100 to the Mystery Song prize, up to $500.

Need more help? Brett Stevens is your guy! He’ll have a special Mystery Song clue @ 4pm each day, Monday – Friday.

Remember the number (435) 674-9959 and get ready to solve The Hawk’s Mystery Song!


  • Participants must be 18 yrs of age or older to play.
  • A winning guess must correctly identify the song title, subject to the determination of Canyon Media/95.9 The Hawk management.
  • Cannot have won any station prize valued >$50 in the last 45 days
  • Winners of any Mystery Song prize are subject to a 60 day prize hiatus for this and all other 95.9 The Hawk contests. Other family/household members are also prohibited from winning for 60 days.
  • All other Canyon Media/95.9 The Hawk rules apply.

Take a look at some of our winners

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