Top 9 Van Halen Songs

Top 9 Van Halen Songs

This Top 9 is from JT the 7 pm – Midnight personality on 95.9 The Hawk.


Our regular Top 9 list has shifted, a little, for this list….


In the age of time, there are a few arguments that make the world go ‘round…
Who’s better?
Mom or Dad?
Surf or Turf?
Dave or Sammy?
There really is no right answer.

For our TOP 9 VAN HALEN songs, we are going to put together an argument on WHICH LIST is better…

Can’t wait to hear your feedback!!
9. As Is
Look it up & turn it up. A deep cut from A Different Kind of Truth, Van Halen’s final album. This is the quintessential VH song! BIG drums, Eddie shreds & DLR scats. Crank this & you’ll thank us later!
8. Jump
Van Halen’s only #1 song. Eddie won awards in 1984 for Best Guitarist & Best Keyboardist just for this song.
7. And the Cradle Will Rock
From Women and Children First. It’s actually Michael Anthony who played keys on this one. Have you seen Junior’s grades?!?
6. Hot For Teacher
This is one of those classic Van Halen songs where you ask yourself, is it Alex or Eddie who shines brightest? There is no wrong answer. The brothers are amazing together.
5. Little Guitars
Yes, it’s true. Eddie did NOT like Diver Down,  because it’s half cover tunes and that’s what made him build his studio 5150. But Little Guitars is incredible from the guitar solo intro to the typical VH rocker, that you can dance too!
4. Ain’t Talkin ‘bout Love
As difficult as this list is to write, you can’t have a list without this song! If Eruption didn’t melt your vinyl in 1978, this one burned your needle off the record!!
3. Everybody Wants Some
This song was “made up” on the spot with DLR talking about the girls in the studio during the recording session. Does it get any more rock and roll than that?!?!
2. Panama
You want something difficult to do? Try listening to Panama at a soft volume. It CAN’T be done!! This song is 40 years old and still MUST be listened to at maximum capacity!!
1. Unchained
If this song wasn’t #1. We would be told, “Come on Hawk, Gimmie a break….”
Eddie’s guitar hook on this classic is immeasurable!!
BTW, the ONLY reason Eruption didn’t make the list is because it’s more of a “solo” instead of a song.
9. Human Being
The song that broke up the band. From the movie Twister. The song is powerful, but you could tell the end was near.
8. Judgement Day
From Van Halen’s third #1 album in a row with Sammy, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Watch the live video of JD. Watch Eddie’s guitar wizardry. Listen to Sammy & Mikey hitting the highest of notes, all behind Alex’s booming back beat. Just. WOW.
7. When It’s Love
Writing serious love songs is something DLR couldn’t do & what Sammy excelled at. When It’s Love has been played at every Van Halen fans wedding since 1988.
6. Finish What ya Started
From OU812, this proved that Eddie could play anything, even when it comes to rockin’ country style pickin.’ The song is so good, that it’s still the highlight of every live show Sammy does today.
5. Right Now
They won a Grammy for F.U.C.K. And with Right Now, they won Video of the Year. Eddie is back on the piano and Sammy is singing words to keep you moving forward when you feel like giving up.
4. 5150
A California police code for someone who’s crazy is the fitting name to Eddie’s home studio. The title track to the first Van Halen album with Sammy, 5150 is the guitar God’s dream song of “try and top this!”
3. Poundcake
Anyone have a power drill layin around? Here’s the crazy this about Poundcake. It’s NOT just Eddie’s guitar work. Andy Johns, the great producer behind Led Zeppelin, produced For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge & he gave Alex the same tools to get his drums to sound like John Bonham. Alex’s drums on Poundcake are so overlooked it’s criminal!
2. Dreams
Gotta admit, #2 & #1 could be switched depending on the time of day. Dreams is amazing. Eddie’s work on keyboards & his guitar are unmatched. Sammy stretching his vocal cords to a range that DLR could only dream of. That’s what dreams are made of….
1. Best of Both Worlds
The Classic Van Hagar song that has your fist in the air every time you hear it live! When it comes to Van Halen, you HAVE the Best of Both Worlds with either Sammy or DLR singing. Because after all, if Eddie’s playing, that’s the ONLY thing with really matters.