Ten Deep Cuts from The Eagles

Ten Deep Cuts from The Eagles

The Eagles have an extensive discography, and they have many deep cuts that showcase their musical talent and diversity. Here are 10 great deep cuts from the Eagles, along with some reasons why they stand out:


“The Last Resort” (Hotel California, 1976): This epic song features thought-provoking lyrics about the impact of human civilization on nature and the environment. It’s a powerful commentary on the consequences of unchecked development and greed.


“Wasted Time” (Hotel California, 1976): With its poignant and emotional lyrics, this song delves into themes of heartbreak and the passage of time. The beautiful piano and vocal harmonies make it a standout track on the album.


“Try and Love Again” (Hotel California, 1976): This track showcases the vocal talents of Randy Meisner and offers a heartfelt exploration of love and second chances. It’s an underrated gem on the album.


“Hollywood Waltz” (One of These Nights, 1975): A lesser-known song, “Hollywood Waltz,” tells a tale of disillusionment and the dark side of fame and fortune in Hollywood. Its haunting melody and lyrics make it a hidden treasure.


“Pretty Maids All in a Row” (Hotel California, 1976): This haunting ballad, co-written by Joe Walsh, delves into themes of loneliness and self-reflection. The emotional delivery and atmospheric music make it one of the band’s most underrated tracks.


“Those Shoes” (The Long Run, 1979): Featuring a funky and catchy rhythm, “Those Shoes” explores the darker side of the music industry and the temptations that come with success.


“Journey of the Sorcerer” (One of These Nights, 1975): Known as the theme music for the BBC’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” this instrumental showcases the band’s versatility and musical prowess.


“Doolin-Dalton” (Desperado, 1973): A song that sets the tone for the “Desperado” album, “Doolin-Dalton” narrates a story of outlaws and camaraderie. It captures the spirit of the Old West with its captivating melodies.


“Bitter Creek” (Desperado, 1973): This deep cut offers a more straightforward rock sound and tells the tale of a town torn apart by feuds and bitterness. The raw energy of the song makes it a standout on the album.


“You Never Cry Like a Lover” (On the Border, 1974): This soulful track showcases the band’s harmonies and skillful songwriting. It’s a touching song about love, longing, and the complexities of relationships.