Amazing Classic Rock Dads

Amazing Classic Rock Dads

We pay tribute to dads, with a list of the best classic rock dads!


When it comes to classic rock, there are many legendary musicians who have made their mark as both iconic rock stars and influential fathers. While it’s subjective to determine the “best” classic rock dads, here’s a list of ten notable musicians who have left a lasting impact on the genre and have also embraced their roles as fathers:


John Lennon: The late Beatles legend was not only a pioneer of rock music but also a loving father to his sons Julian and Sean. His songs often reflected his introspection and emotions, showing his dedication to his family.


Mick Jagger: The Rolling Stones frontman has eight children with various partners. Despite his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, Jagger has maintained relationships with his children and supported them in their pursuits.


Paul McCartney: As a founding member of The Beatles and a successful solo artist, McCartney has balanced his music career with fatherhood. He has five children and has been involved in their lives while continuing to inspire generations with his music.


Steven Tyler: The Aerosmith frontman has a strong bond with his children and has been open about his role as a father. His energetic stage presence and distinctive vocals have made him a rock icon.


Bruce Springsteen: Known as “The Boss,” Springsteen’s songs often tell stories of working-class struggles and family ties. He has three children and has been recognized for his dedication to fatherhood.


Robert Plant: The former Led Zeppelin frontman has been a significant figure in the rock world and a devoted father. He has three children and has found a balance between his musical pursuits and family life.


Pete Townshend: As the guitarist and songwriter of The Who, Townshend has made a lasting impact on rock music. He has three children and has been involved in parenting while maintaining his musical career.


Roger Waters: The co-founder of Pink Floyd has explored deeply personal and introspective themes in his music. Waters has two children and has embraced the role of a father alongside his contributions to classic rock.


David Bowie: The late David Bowie was known for his boundary-pushing music and iconic persona. He had a close relationship with his son Duncan Jones and embraced the role of a supportive father.


Eric Clapton: The guitar virtuoso has had a prolific career and has been open about his experiences as a father. Clapton’s music has touched the hearts of many, and he has shown a commitment to his role as a dad.


These musicians have not only left an indelible mark on the classic rock genre but have also navigated the complexities of fatherhood. They have managed to find a balance between their musical careers and their responsibilities as loving and involved fathers, making them notable figures in both realms.



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