Lookin’ Back on 25 Rockin’ Years

In the middle of The Hawk’s 25th year, we wanted to share a glimpse of what the station has been about over these last two and half decades. Since the beginning, it’s always been about the rock. Staying the course even while “classic rock” has continued to be redefined. We have gotten older, just like you. Maybe you are among our oldest fans, 30 year olds who joined us back then are now nearing the big 6-0, many even older. We’ve had many more of you since then join us, all making 95.9 The Hawk unquestionably the #1 radio station for rock music here in So. Utah. For that we can only say “thanks!”


Keeping it loud AND local is our daily mission. Not simply keeping it rockin’, every Hawk jock is passionate about the music too! Being local means that we’re here. You listen to us, so we listen to you. We can’t always pick up the request line, but we’re always willing to listen. Whether at events, the phone or by text, email and social media, letting us know what we can do to make the music better is always welcomed.


The video shows many but not all the personalities that you may have enjoyed over the years. (if only we had videophones back then). Some stayed longer than others (Brett’s on year 20!) but everyone who has ever been on the mic would probably say the same thing, thanks for keeping us rocking these 25 years!

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Photos From The Past 25 Years