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Secret Menus… What Secret Menus?

Secret Menus... What Secret Menus?

Peter and Gina set out to savor the “secret menus” of several restaurants… unsuccessfully.  

Bill Cash: My First Visit to The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Bill Cash: My First Visit to The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Ever been to The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH? I made a long overdue visit this year— check it out. While there is definitely something at the RnRHOF for everyone, I think it’ll differ for every person. Not just by band or era, but what you take away from your visit….

National Record Store Day is April 22nd!

National Record Store Day is April 22nd!

April 22nd is National Record Store Day! What’s a record store? Yes, they’re fewer and farther between but many are still around and a really cool place to hang out, especially on April 22nd. Right here in So. Utah we’re lucky to have just such a place. It’s called Groovacious and is located just off Main Street…

Classic Rock… Yet?

Classic Rock... Yet?

It’s another Spring– time for graduations, honors and recognition. So the question here is, when is it time for some of these honorees to “graduate” to Classic Rock recognition? They’ve already distinguished themselves- several more than 25 years ago. Some, like Pearl Jam about to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As a…

On this day….Sammy takes the stage with Van Halen!

On this day....Sammy takes the stage with Van Halen!

(Image courtesy of Getty Images) The year…1986. The place….Shreveport, Louisiana. Van Halen takes the stage on their 5150 tour….and Sammy Hagar is introduced as the new front man of Van Halen! Well, needless to say, the crowd went wild! And still to this day there are three different camp’s of Van Halen fans. Those that…

Floyd’s Nick Mason hits The Wall

Floyd's Nick Mason hits The Wall

(Photo courtesy of Neptune Pink Floyd) (Peter) Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason was racing his McLaren F1 sports car, valued at about $3.5 million, over the weekend & reportedly crashed the car into a wall. Fortunately, the accident occurred at a low rate of speed & Mason was not injured. Mason has long been a collector…