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Celebrating 20 years! 95.9 The Hawk is Southern Utah’s Classic Rock radio station. Listen to the Rock N’ Roll Morning Show weekdays from 6a-10a.¬† Tune your radio in St George, UT to 95.9 fm/ in Cedar City, UT to 95.5 fm.

School is back in session…

Here it is… the first day of my LAST ¬†semester of college (I hope!) There are so many days when I’m sitting in class and I lament the fact that I didn’t finish 20 years ago when I should have. But it’s better late than never, right? I will be the first of my siblings…



It’s true! JOURNEY will be at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino from 4/29-5/16 for 9 explosive shows! Fanclub Presale tickets go on sale THIS WEDNESDAY at 7am PST and the AMEX presale starts THURSDAY at 10am PST, otherwise the public on sale is NEXT Friday at 10am PST. All tickets for presales…

Bet You’ve Never Done This While Ironing

Bet You've Never Done This While Ironing

JUST when you think people cannot possibly make bigger mistakes comes THIS video of a guy ironing his shirt and doing just that. I won’t spoil the surprise–you’ve GOTTA see this for yourself to appreciate just how mind-numbingly poor his actions ended up being…

Feel Better After You See What This Woman Did–Over & Over Again At The Gas Station

Feel Better After You See What This Woman Did--Over & Over Again At The Gas Station

I’m willing to bet nobody has done anything quite as dumb as this lady did at the gas station. More than once, too. Oh my is it ever hilarious…

It’s almost 2015!!!

When deciding on your New Years Resolutions… Make one of them “Rock with the Hawk! All day… and all night long!” Rock on!!!

YOU Be The Judge–Real Or Fake…?

YOU Be The Judge--Real Or Fake...?

Have you ever jumped into a backyard pool from the roof–or saw someone who did? Trust me, they all pale compared to this video, which may or may not be fake. One way or another, it DOES look freakin’ cool. You GOTTA check this one out.