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Just so you’re aware… You can now be pulled over for neglecting to wear your seat belt. ¬†Governor Herbert has signed a new law allowing police in Utah to pull over and give tickets to drivers who aren’t wearing their seat belts. It’s all part of a three year pilot program that makes not wearing…

The Pink Floyd Experience!

The Pink Floyd Experience!

It’s no mystery or big surprise that I’ve been in love with Pink Floyd for a good long time. The first time I really took notice of Pink Floyd was when I was in college at Utah State University in the early 90s. I had a boyfriend that introduced it to me and I fell…

Ooh That’s Nice!

Ooh That's Nice!

Have you been outside recently? If you’ve been spending all your time indoors, probably on your phone or computer or something, it’s time to change that! The weather is gorgeous right now. Now is the time to put down your devices, turn off that tv, pull on some good shoes and go explore! When I…

Top O’ the Mornin!

Top O' the Mornin!

St. Patrick’s Day — the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, who, according to legend, drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Of course, that was back when gas was only 3 cents a gallon. St. Patrick’s Day is not party time but a solemn religious holiday in Ireland, which has only about 30…

This Could Be THE Freakiest Magic Trick You’ll EVER See

This Could Be THE Freakiest Magic Trick You'll EVER See

I love a good magic trick–I mean I REALLY do–but this just borders on straight-up sorcery straight out of Harry Potter. Just watch and you’ll see what I mean.

KATIE! New Ring Girl Competitor

We had a ring girl drop out which opened up a spot for KATIE! We had a fun visit in the studio a little while ago. Good luck tonight to Katie and the other Ring Girl competitors at the Casablanca!