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Honestly–Is This THE Coolest T-Shirt Idea Or WHAT?!

Honestly--Is This THE Coolest T-Shirt Idea Or WHAT?!

What do you get when you combine an awesome idea with something that 90% of us already have? You get total awesomeness–pure & simple. You have GOT to check out this guys T-Shirt invention, it is nothing short of AMAZING.


Silly Marty Lane… You can’t take this guy anywhere! He was climbing all over the desk yesterday… The animal. 😉 No one can say that we don’t have lots of fun in the mornings while on the Hawk!

Animal Love… What!

Four of of five people kiss their pet more often than their significant other… What the…   A shockingly high number of people would be fine if the only kiss they get on Valentine’s Day was from their DOG. You know he just licks your face for the salt, right?   80% of people say…

Birds in the studio?!

No… There weren’t birds in the studio today. It was just Marty and Flegal (that’s me) PRETENDING to be birds… We were just so realistic! I have a feeling that I had more fun with this flighty fun than Marty did… the Featherbrain… 😉 Fly high, friends and enjoy the HAWK today on this Two-fer…

Can You Guess The 15 MOST Downloaded Rock Songs In History?

Can You Guess The 15 MOST Downloaded Rock Songs In History?

Could you guess what the most downloaded rock songs in history are? I’ll bet you’d get MOST of these wrong.

Greatest Photobomb Ever…?

Greatest Photobomb Ever...?

You’ve GOT to check out Jimmy Fallon’s latest photobombing as he crashes some unsuspecting Superbowl fans with help from a couple of genuine super hero’s.