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95.9 The Hawk is Southern Utah’s Classic Rock radio station. Listen to the Rock N’ Roll Morning Show weekdays from 5:30a-9a.  Tune your radio in St George, UT to 95.9 fm and in Cedar City, UT to 95.5 fm.

Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am one who lives in the past, however, I have my favorite bands from my youth (From little to teenage years) and they are really varied. Here is a list of the bands or specific songs that I just LOVED. What about your list? Pink Floyd – I will…

It’s Nearly Here!

It's Nearly Here!

School will be over before you know it and summer will be here!  I know that I am in desperate need for a break and school isn’t even over yet for me! In May I will be graduating from college. It’s hard to believe that the day is nearly here. I will be the first…

Text me, will ya?

Text me, will ya?

Just in case you didn’t already have this number… We’re sharing our digits with ya! Send us your requests or whatever!

Check Out This Freaky Audio/Visual Illusion–It’ll Blow You Away!

Check Out This Freaky Audio/Visual Illusion--It'll Blow You Away!

Have you ever seen an optical AND audio illusion at the SAME time? Check out this video and be prepared to be genuinely impressed.

Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame!

Ringo Starr is the last Beatle to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his solo career. 74 Ringo said, “”They were all surprised that I wasn’t in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, [Paul] talked to somebody and they’re going to put me in the Rock and Roll Hall…

10 Annoying Phrases…

10 Annoying Phrases...

A recent article on LinkedIn listed a bunch of cliche phrases people use too often at work.  You can get away with them every now and then. But if you say them constantly, you start annoying people.. So wanting to make sure you don’t irritate your coworkers unnecessarily, I’ve come up with some replacement phrases…