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Secrets With Liz

Secrets With Liz

This week I’ve had a couple of embarrassing moments.  Here is just a few… I went to the movies and right at the very begin of the show I spilled my fabulous Megaplex Mug (I suggest getting one) ALL over myself.  I didn’t put the lid on correctly so the first sip became more of a bath….

Stay in the “Know”

Stay in the “Know”

Stay in the “Know” with The Rock & Roll Morning Show   A Montana man, Nathan Collier, applied for a marriage license to legally wed his second wife. Anne Wilde co-founder of the polygamy advocacy organization said Collier’s application is the first she’s heard of in the nation. Read More Here   Apple Music service…

“The Dukes of Hazzard” Pulled from its Schedule.

"The Dukes of Hazzard" Pulled from its Schedule.

TV Land has pulled reruns of “The Dukes of Hazzard” from its schedule. The show made frequent use of the Confederate flag, particularly on the roof of the ‘General Lee,’ Bo and Luke Duke’s orange Dodge Charger. TV Land hasn’t elaborate on the decision, so it’s unclear if this is a permanent move, or just for…

Prayers for our Buddy “Metal Head Murphy”

Prayers for our Buddy "Metal Head Murphy"

Prayers and good vibes go out today for our buddy “Metal Head Murphy”.  Murphy is in ICU today with renal failure. Metal Head Murph we wish you a Speedy recovery my friend!

Which Michael Crichton Novel Will Be Coming To The Big Screen NEXT…?

Which Michael Crichton Novel Will Be Coming To The Big Screen NEXT...?

Steven Spielberg is set to begin filming what could possibly be another blockbuster written by the man who gave us Jurassic Park. Click here and find out which novel is coming soon to the Megaplex Theaters near YOU…

AC/DC Music Available for Streaming

Fans of AC/DC will finally be able to use streaming services starting today. According to “New York Times” AC/DC will be sharing their music on Spotify, Rdio and Apple Music. Previously the band expressed concerned over breaking up the listeners experience in 2012. AC/DC guitarist Angus Young stated, “We always were a band that if…