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Man Arrested For Tossing A Frozen WHAT…?

Man Arrested For Tossing A Frozen WHAT...?

It seems that police seem to see it all–that is until they witness a domestic disturbance first hand involving some frozen foods…

Awww! Look Who Just Got Engaged!

Awww! Look Who Just Got Engaged!

You just ain’t gonna believe who has applied for–and received–a marriage license. Seriously folks, this defines the boundaries of weirdness…

What would YOU do?

What would YOU do?

This morning I read a news story of some kids out on a hike not far from St. George and in the process of hiking they came across human remains. This is the stuff of movies and darker novels especially when it comes to St. George, Utah. Now of course we all know that people…


On the air I often make comments (and so does Marty) about the songs that we are playing that I love… Yes, sometimes that I love to make out to. I just posted on Facebook about Pink Floyd and how it’s a favorite of mine. When I was in high school I heard Pink Floyd’s…

BEST. Sobriety. Test. EVER.

BEST. Sobriety. Test. EVER.

If you’ve ever been administered a field sobriety test–whether you were drunk or not–this is just about THE funniest video you’re gonna see in a long while, and if you’ve already seen it before, watch it and laugh all over again.

You Won’t Believe What Scientists Named After Ozzy…

You Won't Believe What Scientists Named After Ozzy...

Scientists in all their Classic Rock Loving wisdom have named something after Ozzy Osbourne that just may take you by surprise–and their reasoning for doing it actually makes sense…

All Veterans And Active Duty Eat Free TODAY!

(Gomske) It’s Veterans Day as you know and one way to celebrate is FREE FOOD! ALL Veterans and Active Duty Military eat FREE today at Applebee’s. Yeah, you read that right–FREE. So go grab someone and treat them today or remind them they can eat for free today as just a little bit of a…

Hawk Rock News – 8/21/14

Hawk Rock News - 8/21/14

Dave Grohl & Rock’s richest bassists today.

Hawk Rock News – 8/20/14

Hawk Rock News - 8/20/14

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Robert Plant’s birthday & Ace Frehley news today!

Hawk Rock News – 8/19/14

Hawk Rock News - 8/19/14

U2 & Bob Seger news today!