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Years ago, having run out of other career options, Bill committed himself to a life in the radio world. Toiling mostly behind the scenes for decades in Western Pennsylvania, he came to St. George in 2011 with a plan. Not a very good one, mind you, but it did work out. With his Grand Canyon voice, “Cash” provides his listeners with an even deeper understanding of the music and artists that make up The Hawk playlists. Apparently when that’s not enough, he simply makes up his own list of less often heard tunes – B-sides and deep cuts he’s discovered on dusty old copies of vinyl that he hauled across the country.

When not hanging in the studio, Bill is hiking or biking around Southern Utah, out taking pictures, or growing “stuff” in the garden. A “sports guy”, he bleeds black ‘n gold. He and the Mrs. share their home and usually the bed with 4 dogs, his Muttley Crüe.