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It’s almost 2015!!!

When deciding on your New Years Resolutions… Make one of them “Rock with the Hawk! All day… and all night long!” Rock on!!!


After enjoying a white Christmas and many “donuts” in a variety of parking lots in Northern Utah over the last several days, I’m excited at the chance to have some of the white stuff fall in the Southern portion of the state! Praying for snow!

Christmas is almost here!

Today is the 22nd of December so Christmas is only 3 days away… That means that CRUNCH TIME is now!! I did Christmas a few days early with my kids, so the most stressful time is over for me and I really like that. Now all I have to do is get out some gifts…

Nazi Alois Brunner

He was considered the world’s most-wanted living Nazi. Not anymore — he’s dead. His name was Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann’s “best man,” and it’s now been confirmed that he died in Syria four years ago at the age of 98. Brunner handled the deportation of more than 128,000 Jews to Nazi death camps, but he…

All Veterans And Active Duty Eat Free TODAY!

(Gomske) It’s Veterans Day as you know and one way to celebrate is FREE FOOD! ALL Veterans and Active Duty Military eat FREE today at Applebee’s. Yeah, you read that right–FREE. So go grab someone and treat them today or remind them they can eat for free today as just a little bit of a…

Hawk Rock News – 5/16/14

Hawk Rock News - 5/16/14

Riot Fest, Alice Cooper & Stevie Nicks news today!

Hawk Rock News – 5/5/14

Hawk Rock News - 5/5/14

Robert Plant & Rob Zombie news today!

Hawk Rock News – 4/24/14

Hawk Rock News - 4/24/14

Golden God’s Awards, Led Zeppelin & Gregg Allman news today!

Hawk Rock News – 3/31/14

Hawk Rock News - 3/31/14

Black Sabbath, Metallica, & Motorhead news today!

Check out this 14 year old ROCKIN IT!!!

Check out this 14 year old ROCKIN IT!!!

“Vivaldi Tribute” (Patrick Rondat) Tina S cover Makes me feel like crap because as much as I would love to play like this, I don’t have NEAR the discipline it would take to play HALF this well.