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National Record Store Day is April 22nd!

National Record Store Day is April 22nd!

April 22nd is National Record Store Day! What’s a record store? Yes, they’re fewer and farther between but many are still around and a really cool place to hang out, especially on April 22nd. Right here in So. Utah we’re lucky to have just such a place. It’s called Groovacious and is located just off Main Street…

Classic Rock… Yet?

Classic Rock... Yet?

It’s another Spring– time for graduations, honors and recognition. So the question here is, when is it time for some of these honorees to “graduate” to Classic Rock recognition? They’ve already distinguished themselves- several more than 25 years ago. Some, like Pearl Jam about to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As a…

Floyd’s Nick Mason hits The Wall

Floyd's Nick Mason hits The Wall

(Photo courtesy of Neptune Pink Floyd) (Peter) Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason was racing his McLaren F1 sports car, valued at about $3.5 million, over the weekend & reportedly crashed the car into a wall. Fortunately, the accident occurred at a low rate of speed & Mason was not injured. Mason has long been a collector…

Paintings From Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ Are For Sale

Paintings From Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ Are For Sale

Some of the legendary paintings Gerald Scarfe created for Pink Floyd’s The Wall are being sold. Handled exclusively by the San Francisco Art Exchange LLC, the sale contains works coming straight from Scarfe’s private collection. You can view all of the available pieces at the San Francisco Art Exchange’s website, and you can request a catalogue that…

Sammy Hagar STILL can’t drive 55!!!!!!

Sammy Hagar STILL can't drive 55!!!!!!

(Buckner) The Red Rocker had a interview with Dan Rather about his life in music and his passion for…FAST CARS!!! Here’s a clip where he takes Dan out for a rip in his 2016 Ferrari! What a incredible machine! Its good to be Sammy!

Racing into Fall with Steve Darnell

Racing into Fall with Steve Darnell

Buckner & I road tripped up to the Carmel Mountain Car, Music & Arts Festival and were lucky enough to meet Registered Badass, Steve Darnell. Even though I was a tad out of my element, I was taken back by the beauty of many of the cars that were on display, especially Steve’s D-Rod Destroyer….

Tax the….Pop????

Tax the....Pop????

(Buckner) Today, we learned that the great city of Philadelphia has passed a tax on Soda pop. WHAT!!!! Oh it doesn’t stop there, Its also including non-100% fruit drinks, flavored water, pre-sweetened tea or coffee and non-alcoholic beverages that are intended as mixers. Philly.com reported that the tax is expected to add up to 18 cents…

THIS Is The Proper Way To Hold A Woman’s Purse

THIS Is The Proper Way To Hold A Woman's Purse

Behold: the ONLY Manly wan for a guy to hold a woman’s purse has finally been revealed, and guys: It’s friggin’ BRILLIANT

$2 Gas Might Be Available in 2015 for the US

If the Iran nuclear deal which was announced on Tuesday is approved, U.S. drivers could look forward to $2 gas later this year. Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst with the Oil Price Information Service estimates that by December several places are going to see gasoline at $2 or less. The Iran Nuclear Deal remains a controversial issue…


A new social media crazy is making puns at Donald Trump. The hashtag “TrumpYourCat” has gain more than five thousand followers. If you would like to follow the trend simply brush your cat and place the hair the cat sheds onto it’s head to give your pet that fabulous “Trump Toupee”. We want you to…