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Prayers for our Buddy “Metal Head Murphy”

Prayers for our Buddy "Metal Head Murphy"

Prayers and good vibes go out today for our buddy “Metal Head Murphy”.  Murphy is in ICU today with renal failure. Metal Head Murph we wish you a Speedy recovery my friend!

AC/DC Music Available for Streaming

Fans of AC/DC will finally be able to use streaming services starting today. According to “New York Times” AC/DC will be sharing their music on Spotify, Rdio and Apple Music. Previously the band expressed concerned over breaking up the listeners experience in 2012. AC/DC guitarist Angus Young stated, “We always were a band that if…

A “Hunky” Gorilla?

An 18-year-old male gorilla is getting a lot of social media attention.  Gorilla, Shabani, is being categorized as “hunky” and Japanese women often refer to him as “ikemen,” which means a “good-looking man.” Shabani grew up in an Australian zoo, but was relocated in 2007 to Japan.  While at the new zoo, Shabani, has mated with three female…

Geekin’ Out With Liz

Geekin' Out With Liz

Having being raised by a father who was very much a geek, I couldn’t help but become a bit of one myself. My recent need to see Jurassic World (which I loved!  But seriously!  No smart woman would wear heels to Jurassic World!) has brought out my inner geek and  I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. So today I thought I’d share…

Stay in the Know

Stay in the Know

Stay in the “Know” with The Rock & Roll Morning Show The Supreme Court just made Gay marriage legal everywhere in the United States.  Read more here   Funerals occurred this week for the nine people who were killed in the Charleston South Carolina church tragedy last week.Read more here   Unmarried Bristol Palin, daughter…

David Bowie’s New Project “Lazarus”

David Bowie's New Project "Lazarus"

David Bowie is working on a new project that is based on the novel “The man Who Fell to Earth.” News of Bowie’s stage production Lazarus was first announced in April when word got out that it’s been under production for years.  At the moment Bowie is unsure as to whether the stage performance will be…

Disneyland for Seinfeld Fans

Disneyland for Seinfeld Fans

  How many of you love Seinfeld like Marty and Liz? Hulu Plus is going to have the entire series available for all of you big fans and it all starts today! Not only is the series now readily available through Hulu Plus, but Hulu has recreated Jerry’s apartment. The Seinfeld replica is now open…

Aerosmith’s Rudy Tanzi AKA Dr. Rudy Tanzi

You might not know Rudy Tanzi the keyboardist for Aerosmith is also know as Dr. Rudy Tanzi, a geneticist and neurology professor. Tanzi always had a passion for music but felt the need to become a doctor due to his parents.  As a grad student at Harvard University, Tanzi explains himself as being a trouble…

The CLAW is Back!

The CLAW is Back!

This Wednesday night The Rock & Roll Morning Show will be hanging out at Bout Time Pub & Grub as the hosts of THE CLAW (Championship Ladies Arm Wrestling).  The winner will receive $200 cash and second place gets $100 cash! All contestants will win something so sign up now! The fun starts at 8:00 pm at Bout Time Pub &…



It’s true! JOURNEY will be at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino from 4/29-5/16 for 9 explosive shows! Fanclub Presale tickets go on sale THIS WEDNESDAY at 7am PST and the AMEX presale starts THURSDAY at 10am PST, otherwise the public on sale is NEXT Friday at 10am PST. All tickets for presales…