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Racing into Fall with Steve Darnell

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Buckner & I road tripped up to the Carmel Mountain Car, Music & Arts Festival and were lucky enough to meet Registered Badass, Steve Darnell.

Even though I was a tad out of my element, I was taken back by the beauty of many of the cars that were on display, especially Steve’s D-Rod Destroyer. I may not know squat about specs, but I sure as hell can appreciate a unique and artistically put-together vehicle when I see one. The Destroyer is dedicated to Steve’s Grandfather, Keith Crabb, who served on a Destroyer during World War ll. It has a “Mad Max” feel, carries a 1200 horse Cummins Diesel, is loaded with 4 bottles of nitrous and highlights the perfection in imperfections.. definitely not for the faint of heart.

Fans and the simply curious can check out Steve’s work at the Welder Up showroom in Vegas and or you can catch an episode of Vegas Rat Rods on Mondays on the Discovery Channel.





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