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Bill Cash To The Rescue

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August 26th may officially be “Dog Day” but pretty much every day is mine. That’s in a good way. Having “hair of the dog” means something totally different in my house. My wife and I have rescued more than a dozen dogs over the years. We have four presently– Stella, Brodie, Koda and Rudy, but just started fostering” another. Fostering is a great way to start out if you’ve never had a pet. That way everyone gets a chance “to see how things go”. Most So. UT area shelter groups have foster opportunities, often just to help with capacity issues. It really benefits the animals and a great way to find the one that you might have room for in your home and heart.

If and when it does come time to bring a permanent pet home, rescue is absolutely the way to go. First of all, because there are so many great animals available including many pedigreed ones. (Yep, pure-breds get abandoned too.) While most sheltered pets are not pedigreed, the majority still have the best characteristics you want in a pet. Mixed “All-American” animals often have better dispositions and less health issues. But really the number one reason for rescue is that, sadly, thousands of wonderful shelter animals are simply euthanized every day. Every rescue/adoption is another step towards Utah’s goal of being the first “no kill” state.

Rescue/adoption can also keep your costs of pet ownership down. Many of the area shelters and adoption organizations work with generous veterinarians to provide much of the needed initial healthcare so that your potential costs of taking one into your home are less.

I just ask that people consider rescue/adoption first. Check out www.petfinder.com or visit with any of our great municipal shelters or groups including PAWS, BAM (Because Animals Matter), HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team), Blue Sky and of course, Best Friends in Kanab. Unconditional love… you can see I’m soaking in it!LaVerkin_rev

This article was written by Bill Cash