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Lost In Lake Powell!

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(Buckner) When it gets Hot In St. George, you want to head to the water! Thankfully we have some of the most beautiful lakes in the world right in our own backyard! I received a phone call from my friend Scott last week asking if i wanted to join in a camping trip to Lake Powell, My response was a heck yes, as long as everything was golden at 95.9 The Hawk.

Ok, fast forward to Friday. I’m already suppose to be on the road heading towards Page & I’m still at work! Noooo! So when I make it out to my car, I decide to try to make up lost time by going a little over the speed limit. Bet you can guess what happened….that’s right, flashing lights, police, ticket. Thankfully, law enforcement was kind & the boat waited to let the journey begin!

Chapter Two: Don’t mess with the Tour Boats

After a great night of sleeping under the stars, we decided to go see Rainbow Bridge. Its a archway that is world famous. because of this, there are a lot of tourists and tour boats.

IMG_9784(Rainbow Bridge in all its glory)

As we were heading out to go see what was for lunch, we found ourselves side by side with one of these tour boats. Since we were in a no wake zone & had plenty of room on our sides, we kept right along….no big deal right!?! ┬áBut that tour boat starts blaring their horn & telling us to move. We did not think we did anything wrong…until it was time to fill up and get gas!

The park rangers that were waiting for us were not happy. Apparently the pilot of the tour boat had complained about some “Lake Thugs in a red and black speedboat.” Great. My second run in with the law in two days. Awesome, I’m like Ozzy Osborne in the 80’s. Thankfully after that ordeal, we were able to focus on the original mission, boating in one the most amazing lakes the U.S. So what did I learn from this??? Don’t speed outside of Colorado City…Ever! And tour boats…Yeah, just let them do their thing, you never know what type of mood they will be in. Be safe out there friends:)

This article was written by Bill Cash