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This week I’ve had a couple of embarrassing moments.  Here is just a few…

  • I went to the movies and right at the very begin of the show I spilled my fabulous Megaplex Mug (I suggest getting one) ALL over myself.  I didn’t put the lid on correctly so the first sip became more of a bath.  Luckily my drink was only water so I was able wring out my shirt and enjoy the movie without feeling like a sticky disaster.  😛
  • The door in the ladies restroom has a tendency to not lock….  Luckily when it started to swing open I was alone.  (Here’s the secret: I figured this out last week.  …you would think I would have remembered to double check)
  • I called Gomske-“Gunsmoke” again and meant it…. sigh.  I blame Marty because he’s started to say “It’s Gunsmoke Gomske”  I know I know… no excuse 😉
  • I was scared in the office AGAIN and this time the whole office had to make sure I wasn’t dying…. HA
  • Someone smacked me in the face with a Frisbee during our 4th Celebration.  The imitations to how I reacted was the embarrassing thing.  -Face Palm-


What is a recent date blunder, office mishap or embarrassing moment you’ve recently had happen to you?

Love Ya Hawk Rockers!




This article was written by Bill Cash