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Anyone who has been to college knows how much work it takes (If you actually care about getting good grades at least) to make it all the way through from beginning to end. Going through college takes determination and discipline. I started college when I was 17 and I changed my major several times. I just really struggled to find that subject that I wanted to focus on more than any other. I wanted to learn EVERYTHING… But obviously I couldn’t do that if I ever expected to graduate. After a few years in college, I got married and became a mom. I graduated with my associates degree and thinking that I would be married forever, I didn’t worry about finishing my education. Fast forward several years… I became a single mom with five children. I hadn’t had to work outside of the home for nearly 15 years. At this time I realized how much I wished I had finished my education so I would have some kind of career to fall back on so I could support myself and my children. At this time I decided it was time to finish up… Well that time has finally come!! I decided to study Mass Communication and this Friday, I will be graduating, once and for all! Yes, I could continue to go to school and get my Master’s but why…? Hahahah! Enough is enough for me. I will be the first of my immediate siblings to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. Anyone else that is graduating right now, CONGRATULATIONS!

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