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Hawk Rock News – 6/27/14

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Def Leppard guitarist Viv Campbell revealed his Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has reared its head again and he’s receiving treatment while the band’s on tour this summer with Kiss. Campbell, who was led to believe he had gone into remission after battling cancer last year ,is undergoing a new high-tech progressive chemo treatment and once the tour wraps, he’ll undergo a stem-cell transplant.

Campbell told The Salt Lake City Daily Herald: “The remission was a little bit premature. It came right back. I don’t know if the cancer came back or it never totally went away, you know, but the initial scan I did last fall after doing my chemo, the scan came back clean. But there was something about it the oncologist was unclear about and didn’t feel good about, so I was referred to another specialist. . . I’m part of this research clinical trial that’s going on. It’s very, very benign chemo, actually it just targets — I don’t know how it works, obviously I’m not a medical person, but somehow or other it just manages to target the cancer cells.”

  • Campbell went on to say: “As soon as the tour is over in early September I’m going to get a stem-cell transplant, which I can’t say I’m looking forward to, but I’ve been told if I don’t do that, the cancer’s going to just keep coming back every couple years.”
  • So far, both Def Leppard and Kiss’ sets on the current tour have stuck to the tried and true show-stoppers, which made the bands household names. Leppard frontman Joe Elliotttold us says that the band always shies away from playing unreleased material on tour: “Nowadays we play one song, it’s gonna be on YouTube two minutes later. And it’s gonna be. . . Everyone is gonna know it that cares about it, six months before the thing comes out.”
  • He also says that even when the new material has been released, it isn’t always familiar enough to put into their set list: “We’d love to play some new songs, but at the same time, we’re also aware of the fact that (even) when you play new songs that are actually out and available, they sometimes die on stage. Just not enough people know them yet.”
  • Kiss and Def Leppard next perform on Friday (June 27th) in Ridgefield, Washington at Sleep Country Amphitheater.


Ted Nugent‘s new album, “ShutUp&Jam,” is arriving next month, but he’s already thinking about his next studio project.  His new disc is arriving seven years after its predecessor, “Love Grenade,” and the Motor City Madman tells UltimateClassicRock.com he doesn’t want to let so much time pass again between releases.  He says he already has “a bunch more songs” that are “so inspiring” and “so stimulating,” and he “just can’t wait to record them.”  But Ted admits he is currently directing his attention to “ShutUp,” since it’s on the way.  He adds that everyone who worked on the project is “so proud” of it.  Nugent says they were all “really focused on the sound and the quality and the authenticity” of the music.

“ShutUp&Jam” features Ted Nugent band members Derek St. Holmes, Greg Smith, and Mick Brown along with Jon Kutz, whom Ted calls “this amazing drummer from Waco, Texas.”  Sammy Hagar, Brownsville Station’s Michael Lutz, and Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels’ Johnny “Bee” Badanjek also contribute to the disc.  “ShutUp&Jam” will be in stores on July 8th.  Nugent will launch his U.S. tour behind the album in Wichita Falls, Texas on July 3rd.

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