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Bonehead Bulletin – 12/5/13

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I know shopping during the holidays is a pain, and it would be easier if you didn’t have to actually MOVE while you do it.  But isn’t that what the INTERNET is for?

A 35-year-old woman named Zemenay Auditore wanted to go to the Apple Store at a mall in Peabody, Massachusetts on Monday night.

And she claimed to have some sort of leg injury, so she asked mall security for a wheelchair.  Then, a security guard was nice enough to push her over to the Apple Store, and back to her car when she was done.

But once she got to the car, Zemenay decided she needed to KEEP shopping, at which point the security guard said he had to get back to work, and couldn’t keep pushing her around.  And Zemenay decided that was OUTRAGEOUS.  So she called 911.

When police showed up, they told her it was NOT an emergency, and warned her not to do it again.  But she DID call back after that, and requested an AMBULANCE this time.

But apparently she didn’t actually need one, because the cops came back, radioed in that they were dealing with a, quote, “out-of-control” woman, and arrested her for disorderly conduct.

This article was written by canyonadmin