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Bonehead Bulletin – 12/4/13

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Rest easy, good people.  A VERY DANGEROUS CRIMINAL has been taken off the streets.

46-year-old Juvencio “Vince” Adame of San Diego, California was just arrested and charged with a FELONY . . . for pruning his shrubs.

Turns out that some of the shrubs he trimmed are on CITY PROPERTY next to his house.  He says he trimmed them because homeless people were using them as a way to hide out and leave their litter.

He’s facing a charge of defacement, damage, and destruction in excess of $400.  He could be looking at one year in prison or a fine of up to $10,000 and, possibly worst of all, a felony conviction on his record.

One of his neighbors said it’s a huge waste of taxpayer money to prosecute Vince for doing something the city should’ve been doing.  Quote, “It’s not his job, it’s the city’s job.  Then they do this ridiculous thing.  It’s mind boggling.”

This article was written by canyonadmin