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Bonehead Bulletin – 12/3/13

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It’s really amazing what modern medicine can do with your butt.

Earlier this year, 43-year-old Steven Leslie of North Wales and his 45-year-old brother Andrew spent a full afternoon drinking at a bar.  Then, naturally, they got into a fight.  And Steven bit off a piece of Andrew’s NOSE.

Andrew was rushed to the hospital, but the surgeons couldn’t reattach the chunk of the nose.  So they went to plan B . . . they took a skin graft off his BUTTOCKS and used it to reconstruct his new nose.

Steven was just on trial, but ended up NOT getting jail time . . . after Andrew asked the court not to throw his brother in jail.

But he did get two years of probation, 300 hours of community service, and has to pay his brother about $6,500 in compensation.

This article was written by canyonadmin