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The 10 Best Rock Songs of 2013 According to Loudwire.com

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Loudwire.com has put out a list of The 10 Best Rock Songs of 2013, and the new song featuring the surviving members of NIRVANA and PAUL MCCARTNEY . . . made the list at #4.  Here’s the full Top 10:

1.  “Do Me a Favor”Stone Sour


2.  “Hollow”Alice in Chains


3.  “I Hope You Suffer”AFI



4.  “Cut Me Some Slack”Nirvana” featuring Paul McCartney



5.  “I Appear Missing”Queens of the Stone Age



6.  “Love and Meth”Korn



7.  “Hail to the King”Avenged Sevenfold



8.  “True North”Bad Religion



9.  “There’s No Going Back”Sick Puppies


10.  “Earth Rocker”Clutch

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