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Bob Dylan Sued Over Alleged Racist Comments

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Bob Dylan is being accused of racism.  The legendary singer-songwriter is also being sued over the matter.  The “International Business Times” says a Croatian group in France is behind the legal action.  The Council of Croats claims in a 2012 “Rolling Stone” interview Dylan was talking about race relations in the U.S., which he said were still messed up.  He reportedly told the magazine, quote, “If you got a slave master or Klan in your blood, blacks can sense that.  That stuff lingers to this day.  Just like Jews can sense Nazi blood and the Serbs can sense Croatian blood.”  Council of Croats Secretary General Vlatko Maric says his organization has “nothing against ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine or Bob Dylan as a singer.”  But he calls Dylan’s remarks “an incitement to hatred,” which he says prompted the lawsuit against Dylan and the magazine.

France has certain restrictions regarding freedom of speech in the country, which enabled the lawsuit to move forward.  Authorities say it’ll take three to four months for them to complete their investigation into the matter.  Dylan could be fined if he’s found guilty.

This article was written by dudley